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actually i like the tune
but the drums dont really seem to fit properly in this piece

ill suggest lowering the volume of the drums and emphasize certain needed portions

btw nice way to end

mechanoid-9 responds:

My friend also said something is not quite right with the drums... I guess the sound of them is not perfect, but that may also be the mp3 conversion's fault, I could have done it with a higher bitrate... dunno. Thx 4 the review.

needs fine tuning

the tempo seems fine to me but the only thing thats gonna kill the song is the keys being offset

ill say that when working with music of this tempo, trying constructing the piece at a slower tempo, maybe half or quarter of the speed so you can get better precession for the notes

not bad

sounds like a waltz piece
and this loops well suprisingly!

raw but impressive! ^^

good time to make a piece
anyway just 2 things to note for this piece

1:Adding some extra bass volume to the background

2:drag the last note a little more

other than that i find the rest very nicely done


wasnt as eerie as i thought it to be but hey nice piece

not bad

nice atomsphere to this piece especially the drums
but the atomsphere seems to suddenly stop at the middle and the ending portion

but jumping back to the atomsphere at the 2nd half portion was a nice one

SirFiNiX responds:

Thanks! I love to put pauses in the middle of my songs for no apparent reason. Perhaps it won't win me fans, but it's still fun! :)

not bad

very nice for a 1st piece

xXjulzXx responds:

thanks mate

not bad for a start

well its preety simple...
but it sounded kinda mono though
but theres no harm experimenting MORE!!
Go for it man :)


this is good for a discotech scene but the ending doesnt seem to end well...
but the rest of the song is preety smooth
nice job in all

mechanoid-9 responds:

Well yeah, the ending's a bit sudden. Thanx a lot anyway.

nice piece

very peaceful piece
sounds just like a person going out into the rain

WuSchell responds:

-well, its very rainy here in germany these days... was not hard to find the inspiration.

stay tuned for more audio coming soon ;)



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